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The RehaNova clinic is a neurological / neurosurgical rehabilitation clinic fitted with 132 beds. We are areally and functionally linked with the Cologne-Merheim State Hospital which is a clinic that offers maximum care. The proximity to an acute care hospital provides high medical secureness and our location – east of Cologne – ensures medical care close to people's domiciles and also a rehabilitation of short distances.

Our uppermost wish is to restore your vitality, enjoyment of life as well as your quality of life in all aspects of your daily routine.

We wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay!
Prof. Dr Riecker, Medical Director.

How to contact RehaNova

Should there be any questions left unanswered after having visited our website please do not hesitate to contact us by phone:

Phone number: +49 221 2784-0

The clinic at a glance:

RehaNova specialises in rehabilitation of patients with:

  • strokes
  • brain and head injury after accidents or surgeries
  • neuroimmunological brain diseases like multiple sclerosis
  • diseases of the peripheral nervous system and the muscular system
  • movement disorders like Parkinson's disease or dystonias (spasms and malpositions)
  • neuropsychiatric diseases

Certified to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008